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Coptic Stitch Journal, Subway Sign Journal, Handmade Journal, Grunge Journal, Hardcover Blank Journal


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Upcycled Paper Bag Notebook, Snowflake Notebook, Japanese Stab Stitch Notebook, Rustic Notebook


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Victorian Farmhouse Stationary Set on Kraft with Chocolate Brown Envelopes, Handmade Cards


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Mustard Butterfly Notebook


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Two for One, Ampersand Softcover Notebooks, Two Kraft Notebooks, Typography Notebooks, Handmade Notebooks


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Gold Crown Sketchbook, Lamb Skin Sketchbook, Hardcover Leather Sketchbook, Metal Crown sketchbook


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Five star seller on Etsy for 7 years.
Welcome to my shop of all things handmade. Explore my sketchbooks and journals. Perfect for altering pages. My collage sheets can provide images for your artwork.